Rainbow Warriors Unite - The Time Has Come

In 2002 in the Heartlands of Ireland, in a sacred spiritual place called The Rainbow Lodge, many people from all over the world, came together in sacred ceremony to witness the Great Ancestor Spirit channel through a young woman.  Among these people was a highly respected Native American Indian Chief, a Native American Indian Medicine Woman and a powerful Celtic Shaman. 

During this ceremony Father Ancestor Spirit told us to go back to the Earth, to the Soil, to the Land, to the Sea, to Nature and to Our Nature.  Father Spirit told us to gather the Rainbow Warriors of Light and to join together to protect, to save, to take back Our World.

Spirit has spoken.

What Do We Do Now?

We are to unite as one people, one family, one country.  There are no divisions between us. We all own the land that we walk on.  The rivers, streams and oceans are arbitrary borders, they should not divide us but unite us in their life-giving properties.  Our brothers and sisters live in the ocean, the fish, the dolphins, the whales.  We have no excuses for our division except for money, greed and ownership.  We deny people who need sanctuary access to other shores because we don't want to change, we want comfort, and in doing so we deny all that is pure and true and responsible and right and good in this world.

We are to recognise and see and understand eachother for all of our differences, cultural, educational, colour, race, religion.  These are all transitory, illusionary, a game we made up to test our spirits here on this physical earth and we have forgotten.  We have forgotten our true nature as PURE DIVINE SPIRIT.  We believe the black is black and the white is white of our skin, we believe the words written in a book are GOD rather than look into our hearts and the hearts of others and know that WE ARE GOD, we kill our MOTHER EARTH because of greed, luxury, impurities and incompetence and ignorance.  There are no excuses for this anymore. 

There are many RAINBOW WARRIORS in this world.  We come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, doing many different and varied things with our time, however one thing UNITES us and it is that we all SHINE LIGHT INTO THE WORLD FOR OTHERS TO SEE. 

We seek to understand and love others.  We seek to experience openly all that the world has to offer.  We seek to enjoy, dance, sing, create, participate, believe, pray, eat purely, live healthily, laugh, and spread our light with abandon.

We seek to protect, enlighten and unconditionally accept other people.  We seek to protect our precious, sacred world from all that is harmful, impure, illogical.